Lars Gustav Midbøe

Lars Gustav Midbøes background is in photography. During the last two years he has spent most of his time teaching and working as a technician in digital imaging, videoediting and webdesign. He is also one of the cofounders of the organization Electrohype. Lars currently works as and calls himself a digital roustabout

1965 — Born in Trondheim Norway.

1985-1994 — basic photographic education and various jobs
in photography, Norway

1994 — 1997 School of photography, Gothenburg University

1997 — 1998 New media and Fine Art, Gothenburg

1998 — 1999 teaching digital imaging, digital videoediting, etc
at the School of photography, Gothenburg University

1999- 2000 Video and photo technician at Malmo Art Academy

June — December 2000 Producer of the Electrohype 2000 project.


If you would like to see other projecys by Lars Gustav
you can visit his old website at
New media and Fine Art



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