”Paradoxen är att vad som mer och mer hamnar i skymundan i våra samhällen, där vi hela tiden bombarderas med kravet att välja, är den egentliga friheten att välja” Slavoj Zizek.

”This assault on choice is taking place on several different fronts at once. It is happening structurally, with mergers, byouts and corporate synergies. It is happening locally, with a handful of superbrands using their huge cash reserves to force out small independent businesses. And it is happening on the legal front, with entertainment and consumer-goods companies using libel and trademark suits to hound anyone who puts an unwanted spin on a pop-cultural product. And so we live in a double world: carnival on the surface, consolidation underneath, where it counts.”
Naomi Klein

” The island has fifty-four cities all of them large and splendid and having exactly the same language, customs, institutions and laws. They have the same layout and they look the same, insofar as the terrrain allows.”
Thomas More , Utopia 1516.