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The aim with Publikation(pages) is to create a large scale Internet based PDF collection of art and art related subjects. Through Publikation(pages) we want to facilitate the distribution and exchange of art and information amongst artists and between the artist and the audience. The project will gradually present many artist practices in different generations and the idea is to make Publikation(pages) an accessible and useful space for contemporary art.

Through the Internet you have a free download of high-resolution PDF documents, for example drawings, paintings, texts, scripts, storyboards, plans, manuals, art politic, sketches, songs, leaflets, correspondence and so forth. PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file format that will save the types, pictures and layout from all original documents. The PDF collection is searchable by name, title, technique, and theme and content (chosen by the artist).

The first part of Publikation(pages) will be shown at the Lunds Konsthall in 2005, Jan 20 to Feb 13. Publikation(pages) will be presented digitally and in print.


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