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Iwo Myrin

Iwo Myrin lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. He has been working with pinhole photographs of forrest and nature since the mid nineties when he lived in the north of Sweden. Many of the photographs are showing mushrooms. He has also been working with bronze castings of places in the woods. In 2004 he finished an permanent outdoor installation at Mittuniversitetet i Sundsvall, Sweden. Besides and sometimes in conjunction with the visual art, Myrin also works with electronic music. He is a part of the experimental performance rock group En halvkokt i folie bland annat. In 2000 he released a 7" single with The Bears, a group from the local zoo in Stockholm.

image 1:
Röd flugsvamp, 1996
black and white photograph

image 2:
The UKS Biennial 2001
bronze castings of mushrooms

image 3:
from the series Views from the Inside, 2000
black and white photograph

image 4:
A Bear Gaeden Live Remix
sound performance, Iwo and The Bears featuring Njurmännen
Sub Bau, Göteborg 2001

Iwo Myrin born 1964

1994-99 MFA, Akademy of Fine Arts, Ume University

Artist in Residence
2000 AiR, IASPIS, Stockholm
2003 AiR, NIFCA, Riga, Latvia

Solo Shows, last five years
2003 Verkligheten, Ume
Galleri Hjärnstorm, Stockholm
2001 Sub Bau, Göteborg

Group Shows/performances, last five years
2005 Tysvaer Kunstlag, Aksdal, Norway
Our Swedish Collection, Teatr Kana, Szczecin, Poland
2004 Kulturhuset, Stockholm
L-bas/Galleria Augusta, Helsinki, Finland
2003 Stockholm Art Fair
Kaaos vs Galleria, L-bas/Galleri Jangva, Helsinki
Aeg Ruum Liikumine, Paide, Estonia, Göteborgs Konsthall
2002 Liljevalchs Konsthall, Stockholm
Pineholephotos, Grafikens Hus, Mariefred
Aeg Ruum Liikumine, Paide, Estonia
2001 Ny hörselkonst, Fylkingen, Stockholm
UKS-Biennalen 2001, Oslo, Norway
2000 Soundperformance, Galleri 60, Ume
Galleri 54, Göteborg
Open Studios, IASPIS, Stockholm






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