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Art and space within visionary ventures
Among the artists were some who are or were connected with SKISS (contemporary artists in contemporary community) and KIIN (creative idea consult in trade and industry). What happens from the artists’ perspective?

With the risk of becoming uncritical I decide to involve some artists who I know to do a presentation in the form of a publication (). The publications also include an interview or an introduction.

If you, the reader have any comments or questions feel free to contact Publikation() at info (at)

New Horizon Tour Publikation( ) by Unni Gjertsen

Regional invecklingsledning Publikation( ) by Magnus Ottertun and Cecilia Sterner

Reflektion, om det konstnärliga projektet Läke-Konst
  Publikation( ) av Susanne Lindblad och Nilsmagnus Sköld (in swedish)

Interview with Lisbeth Grägg (in swedish)

Interview with Marianne Andersson och Anna Bookström (in swedish)

At Skånes Konstförening december 15:th 2007


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