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New Horizon Tour Workshop 6/9 - 1/11 2002
Reflecting on integration in Malmö
Concept/realisation: Visual artist Unni Gjertsen
Participants: Department for strategic development City of Malmö

Become a creative ideas consultant to business and industry* was a one-year programme offered by Folkuniversitetet i Malmö (the adult educational association), Sweden in 2001/2002. The aim of the programme was to take advantage of the synergies that arise when the arts and the world of business meet, by offering further education for people in the arts so that they could become entrepreneurs and business consultants. The participants in the programme, including dancers, artists, musicians, actors, writers, lighting engineers and designers, set up their own projects.

One of the participants was Unni Gjertsen, an artist whose project was "Humaniora Shopping" in which she offered individually-tailored workshops to companies wanting to give their personnel further training or to expand their business activities. Unni became acquainted with the company by studying its annual reports, its written vision, etc. and by having discussions with management.

The City of Malmö became interested in Humaniora Shopping when a new action programme and vision for integration was being planned, and Unni developed a special workshop for the city. She named it New Horizon Tour, and it was the first commission she carried out within the Humaniora Shopping project.

The New Horizon Tour Workshop was held in autumn 2002 for the City of Malmö Strategic Development Department. Together with the four participants, Unni spent five days over the course of the autumn at specially chosen venues. The group read and discussed texts by sociologists and philosophers, as well as a report on integration in Malmö produced in 1996, with a view to clarifying personal values related to integration.

This visual presentation of the New Horizon Tour served as preparation for a new vision and an action plan for integration in a Swedish municipality.

*The programme was offered in 2001/2002 in collaboration by Folkuniversitetet in Malmö and the 'Danish Musicians' Union in Copenhagen (Dansk Musiker Forbund). The Swedish financing was provided by the Swedish ESF Council and the Employment Exchange in the Arts (Arbetsförmedlingen Kultur) in Malmö. The ESF Council is the administrative authority for the European Social Fund, the main EU financial tool for the promotion of employment and the stimulation of growth in the member states.


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