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Maria Sundström was born 1961 in Ödeborg, Sweden. Lives and works in Hörnefors, near Umeå. She got her art education at The Academy of Fine Arts, Umeå University, Sweden, 1989–1994 and at Linköpings University, ”Exhibitionform” 2002–2003.

Sundström works with video, photo, objects och sound in form of installations.

Selected exhibitions
Konst i Fyrstad, Vänersborg 1998; National Arts Council gallery, Stockholm 1999; [UME.SE.2000], Umeå 2000; State Gallery Kaliningrad 2002, Russia; Frauen Museum Wiesbaden, Germany, 2004 och Karlskrona konsthall 2004.

Selected grants
Helge Ax:son Johnson, 1992,1994 and 2003; Längmanska Kulturfond, 1994: SLEIPNIR travelgrant, Nordiska Rådet, 1994; The Arts’ Grants Committee, workinggrants 1995 and 1997; BUF, Bildkonstnärernas Upphovsrättsfond, 2002 ; Academy of Arts residencegrant Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, 2003
Represented at Dalslands Museum, Norrtälje municipality, Umeå municipality, Västerbottens läns landsting, Artmuseum Listasavn, Faroe Islands, State Gallery Kaliningrad, Russia and Frauen Museum Wiesbaden, Germany.

Sundström is engaged in artistic trade union work in; The Arts’ Grants Committee since 2001; has been President of The Swedish Artists’ National Organization during 1999–2001; vice President in IAA Europe West 2001–2002, and Expert in SOU 2003:21 Konstnärerna och trygghetssystemen 2002–2003.
Initiator to and projectleader of ESPLANAD 97, an artproject along Rådhusesplanaden in Umeå, Sweden, in July 1997 together with the visual artist Gerd Aurell.

Endast svenskar/Swedes only
Sundström have succeded so well with her address that dialogue and irritation took place. A form of confirmation lies whithin that the marauder has been there and with a certain professional skill cencured the text ”Endast svenskar” on all eight benches. With that have the text raise forward more. The strength in the artwork in its original condition have multiplied. Maybe get thoughts under it now inevitable moment of any of Sundströms benches to the next contribution in the discussion about responsibility and hospitality towards foreigners.

Barmhärtige samariten/The Good Samaritan
Barmhärtige samariten regards topics as goodness, evil and global solidarity. In Sundströms installation lays symbols for idealism in the exhibitioncases with collected cloth classified and exposed in a harmonic range of colours.




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