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The circle has been a significant theme in my work for considerable time. My paintings are formed by the application of thin layers of acrylic colour, much like the process of building a glaze or lacquer. This results in new combinations of colour and effects which create disconcerting impressions on the eye.

My most recent individual exhibition was held in October 2003 with the regional art association, Skånes Konstförening. The previous year I showed at Konstfrämjandet`s Gallery St. Gertrude and also participated in the project "The Birth of an Atrwork", which culminated in a show at the Latin School Library in Malmö.

I graduated from Malmö Art College in 1997, and currently reside and have my studio in the city, which is in the south of Sweden.


Magdalena Svensson, born in Torshälla 1965. Lives and works in Malmö since 1991.

Malmö Art Academy  1995-1997
Forum Art School in Malmö 1992-1995           
Nordic Art school in Karleby, Finland 1989-1991

Solo Exhibitions
Skånes Konstförening, Malmö 2003
Galleri S:t Gertrud, Malmö 2002
Galleri 54, Göteborg  2000
Forumgalleriet, Malmö 1998
Tomtebo 112,  POOL, internetgalleri 1997 

Group Exhibitions
Ett Konstverks födelse Skånes Konstförening, Malmö 2002
Båstadsgatan 4, Malmö  2001
The Nordborg Library, Nordborg, Denmark 2000
Galleri Pildammstornet, Malmö 2000
South City Drawings The Pineapple Project Room, Malmö 1999
South City The Pineapple Project Room, Malmö 1998
My Heart Belongs to Painting Galleri Glemminge Konsthall, Glemminge  1998
Monader, examination exhibition Malmö Konsthall 1997
Wanås: Ett drömspel Wanås 1997

Malmö Stads kulturstipendium 2003
Sparbanksstiftelsen Skånes kulturstipendium 2003
Konstnärsnämndens arbetsstipendium 2002
Lengertz konstpris 2002
Malmö Konststudios konstnärsstipendium 2002

Statens Konstråd 2002
Region Skåne 2003



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