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romanticism, fine-art education, professionalization,

creative-class, authenticity, commerce…

In the summer of 2007, the artists Kirsten Forkert and Patrik Aarnivaara wrote the article Professionalizing the romantic, or, learning to behave like an artist. It is a discursive text, raising questions about the present situation of art practice and art education in Sweden. The basis is the label `neoromanticism´ which has occurred in Swedish media in the last years, referring to group exhibitions in larger Swedish artinstitutions. In spite of the artists' attempts, the article has not yet been published by any Swedish magazine covering art and public debate.
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book x 3
The starting point for book x 3 is how the book as a medium could function as a foundation for a dialogue between two parties. We also wanted to explore how a collaboration during a longer time span would turn out. Three artists were invited and they in turn choose a collaborator each. One year later the material for a book was to be finished. Read more!

Art and space

Art and space is a series of interviews, publications and articles that reflect artists’ outside art intuitions.
Art and space within visionary ventures.

New Horizon tour by Unni Gjertsen
Regional inveckling av Cecilia Sterner och Magnus Ottertun
Interview with Lisbeth Grägg (in swedish)
Interview with Marianne Andersson and Anna Bookström (in swedish)
Reflektion, om det konstnärliga projektet Läke-Konst  Publikation( ) av Susanne Lindblad och Nilsmagnus Sköld (in swedish)

Publikation( ) at Skånes konstförening 15:th December

Publikation( ) art organizations

spring 2007
Candyland, Cirkulationscentralen, Tidskriften Fabrik, Rostrum, ak28, Bastard, FAS, Fiery Comet, Galleri Box, ID:I, IKK, Tegen 2 och Verkligheten

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Bear, zoo, food, still life, Unheimlich Göteborg,  H.P.Lovecraft, costume,
drawings, mortadella, luchtje, beans, visions, consensus common sense, installation, drawing, man, men, agreement…

You can navigate in varying ways, get lost and find different contexts in Publikation(pages), an Internet based, searchable and growing art collection. Drawings, paintings, photographs, texts, comics, sketches, manuscripts in A4-size can be viewed on the screen and the art is also printable and can form various private collections.


Publikation( )

Publikation( ) is a pilot project for publication and distribution of art and art related subjects.
The starting point was a low budget distribution of small journals made by varies genres of artists. At the first presentation at Panora in Malmö in 2001, 14 issues of Publikation( ) were shown. The participants produced themselves an edition of ten issues. Shortly thereafter
we received a grant from the Swedish Arts Council. This meant we could complete the original idea and during a period of three years produce and publish 91 issues of Publikation(1-90…).

See Publikation(1-90…) for more information.

Publikation(1-90…) displayed a lack of, but also great interest in, Publikations of contemporary culture. We decided to increase the activity and to form an extensive Internet based collection with art and art related subjects.

See Publikation(pages) for more information.

Publikation( ) has been granted financial aid from the foundation Future Culture. During the period of 2005-2008 we will initiate, investigate, map out, document, collect and spread artistic projects both through printed matters and the Internet.

By developing and experimenting with different forms of displaying and circulating artists’ works and texts, we want to invent new ways of working in “the page as an alternative space” for artistic practice.

The artists Susann Rönnerzt and Annelie Nilsson through the culture association roll on run Publikation( ).




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