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21. Camilla Carlsson info
(Publikation(pages) DeltagarInfo/Konstnärsinfo - English)
...e city of Malmö. The 41 photographs show mostly restaurants where the name of each restaurant indicate an international flavour despite the local street address. 2. Somewhere else in Malmö...

22. Catrin Andersson info
(Publikation(pages) DeltagarInfo/Konstnärsinfo - English)
... The presentation techniques vary and are often a dialogue between the exhibition space and my work. Catrin Andersson 2004 . CirkulationsCentralens website: www.cirkulations...

23. Andrée Mia
(Publikation(pages) DeltagarInfo/Konstnärsinfo - English)
...ber 2005 in an art-space inside of Infra Business Center, Upplands-Väsby, north of Stockholm. Education: 1995-2000   Konsthögskolan,  Academy of Fine Art, Umeå University E...

24. Andersson Catrin
(Publikation(pages) Deltagare/Deltagande konstnärer - English)
..., remove, left, blank/emty, origianally, coarse, trimming, alienated, vanish, controlled space About Catrin Andersson Download: JUST SKY (Nr. I - VI) 2004 Screen version 112 Kb Print version 2,9 ...

25. About Publikation(pages)
(Publikation(pages)/Publikation(pages) - English)
...Nina Toft - Amalia Årfelt Publikation(pages) part 1 Lunds Konsthall in 2005, Jan 20 to Feb 13. Catrin Andersson - Mia Andreè - Elisabet Apelmo - Marika Bredler - Lars Brunström - Leicy Ol...

26. exhibitions Publikation(1-90…)
(Publikation(1-90...)/Publikation(1-90...) - English)
... at Panora in Malmö 2002Publikation(1-90...) in Scotland 2002-2003 The Nojesguiden nominated Publication( ) in the Art Category in Malmö/Lund 2002 Publikation(1-90...) at Malmö Konsthal...

27. background Publikation(1-90…)
(Publikation(1-90...)/Publikation(1-90...) - English)
...blikation(1-90…) is simple journals in small editions like fanzines, texts from art shows, smaller art catalogues, manifests, artist books and manuals within the cultural sphere. Forms where the publi...

28. About Publikation(1-90...)
(Publikation(1-90...)/Publikation(1-90...) - English)
Publikation(1-90…) is a series of 91 publications on contemporary culture made during the years of 2001-2003 by artists, filmmakers, cartoonists, authors, writers and so forth. The whole series mak

29. Welcome
(Publikation()/Publikation() - English)
romanticism, fine-art education, professionalization, creative-class, authenticity, commerce… In the summer of 2007, the artists Kirsten Forkert and Patrik Aarnivaara wrote the article Profession

30. Search
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... blue BokorHill book edge Border Border crossing brightcolours building bull Candy cat cat cat cats ceiling chair change CharlotteKoopman city city planning cit...

31. Notes
(Konst & utrymme/Konst & utrymme)', Cultural Studies 16: 4, 2002, pp 516-531. For an examination of effects of networking on arts education (specific to London, UK), see Angela McRobbie, Creative London/Creative Berlin: Notes on M...

32. Kirsten Forkert
(Konst & utrymme/Konst & utrymme)
...en Forkert is an artist, independent critic, activist. In 2008 she started her PhD in Media and Communications at Goldsmiths College. Her dissertation focuses on working conditions for artists in rela...

33. Kirsten Forkert och Patrik Aarnivaara
(Konst & utrymme/Konst & utrymme)
...ow seemingly contradictory concepts intersect and mesh with each other within the art field and art education in Sweden: Romanticism and professionalization. Contradictory, because we generally think ...

34. Overgaden medverkande
Adressens forlag Apparatur Artnode Publications Forlaget * [asterisk] Dada Invest Fabrik Flamingoeffekten Fluens forlag Forlaget Nord Iben Toft Nørgård Janfamily Kabine Hurricane Le D

35. Rie Oishi
(Publikation(pages) Deltagare/Deltagande konstnärer)
...About Rie Oishi Download Screen pdf 436 Kb Print pdf 1,3 Mb Page 1 through 5. "...There was a cat with only one nostril, but two mouths as well, and there was a cat without a belly button, bu...

36. Rie Oishi info
(Publikation(pages) DeltagarInfo/Konstnärsinfo)
... In creating my work, I form a collection of related objects / images, fashioned from fabricated components, found material, and natural ingredients. The individual components function as ...

37. Charlotte Koopman
(Publikation(pages) Deltagare/Deltagande konstnärer)
... A3-format. Sökord: Charlotte Koopman, drawings, mortadella, luchtje, beans, visions, sandwich, cat, fever, goodday  Om Charlotte Koopman Ladda hem 10 drawings Skärmversion 436 K...

38. Charlotte Koopman info
(Publikation(pages) DeltagarInfo/Konstnärsinfo)
...hs. I like to be with you in the train. I like it when we see funny people. I like the way you talk to cats. I like your sandwich. ...

39. Charlotte Walentin
(Publikation(pages) Deltagare/Deltagande konstnärer)
..., Format , In the cut, Infernal affairs , King Kong , Lost in translation, Peeping Tom , Realtid , staccato, Teckning Tintin och hajsjön, Titel + längd, TV-ruta, Uppfattningsförmåga O...

40. Lena Séraphin
(Publikation(pages) Deltagare/Deltagande konstnärer)
...on-going series of life-size photographic work. The series begun in 2000 is printed to fit into each location by measure and is installed on the wall by gluing. Posters are approximately 220 cm x 160c...

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