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1. Magdalena Svensson
(Publikation(pages) Deltagare/Deltagande konstnärer - English)
...nce yields new colour combinations and in this way creates shifting impressions on the eye. Searchwords: painting, acrylic painting, layer paint, acrylicpaint, Malmö Art Academy, Forum Art Schoo...

2. Elisabet Apelmo
(Publikation(pages) Deltagare/Deltagande konstnärer - English)
...nd felt pen drawing. Page 6. Handlungsanweisung: "Dies ist eine Anweisung um ein gutes Opfer zu werden", acrylic painting. Page 7. Young boy, from "En riktig kvinna" S. Arrhenius,...

3. Search
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...and Swedish. Or you can click on one of the 359 search words below. Search words: 3D 5 easy pieces abc acrylic painting acrylicpaint agreement alienated alphabet Anaglyph Ande...

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