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1. Kirsten Forkert and Patrik Aarnivaara
(Konst & utrymme/Konst & utrymme - English)
  Download the article as pdf, 120 Kb. About Kirsten Forkert About Patrik Aarnivaara PROFESSIONALIZING THE ROMANTIC, OR,

2. book x 3
(Bok x 3/bok x 3 - English)
  From bookrelease at Malmö Konsthall april 9, 2008. The starting point for book x 3 is how the book as a medium could function as a foundation for a dialogue between two parties. We al

3. Viktor Kopp and Niklas Söderberg
(Bok x 3/bok x 3 - English)
The violet book HÄR is a collaboration between Viktor Kopp and Niklas Söderberg, artist respective poet, living in Malmö. Söderberg and Koop have compiled old works and worked

4. Lisa Jeannin and Rolf Schuurmans
(Bok x 3/bok x 3 - English)
The green book GGG&G is a collaboration between Lisa Jeannin and Rolf Schuurmans, artists, living in Antwerp. GGG&G is a picture book with stills, photos and some drawings from the film G

5. Susann Rönnertz and Charlotte Walentin
(Bok x 3/bok x 3 - English)
... The black book linjelagren is a collaboration between Charlotte Walentin and Susann Rönnertz, artists, living in Malmö. Two pictorial suites that is different in their approach and con...

6. Magnus Ottertun and Cecilia Sterner
(Konst & utrymme/Konst & utrymme - English)
...nal Invecklingsledning 2,7 Mb Cecilia Sterner and Magnus Ottertun worked during the spring of 2007 as artists within Skiss Skåne (link in swedish) at the Regional Development division (link in swedis...

7. Unni Gjertsen
(Konst & utrymme/Konst & utrymme - English)
...izon Tour Workshop 6/9 - 1/11 2002 Reflecting on integration in Malmö Concept/realisation: Visual artist Unni Gjertsen Participants: Department for strategic development City of Malmö Becom...

8. Art and space within visionary ventures
(Konst & utrymme/Konst & utrymme - English)
 Among the artists were some who are or were connected with SKISS (contemporary artists in contemporary community) and KIIN (creative idea consult in trade and industry). What happens from the

9. Art and space
(Konst & utrymme/Konst & utrymme - English)
Art and space is a series of interviews, publications and articles that reflect artists’ outside art intuitions. Art and space within visionary ventures Art and space –

10. Publ. Up 2
(Publikation(pages)/Publikation(pages) - English)
... at rum46 in Århus 3 december 2005 arranged by publishing house * [asterisk]. Small publishing houses, artists and other publishers presented and sold their books and works. See the list below. ...

11. Per Mårtensson
(Publikation(pages) Deltagare/Deltagande konstnärer - English)
...e pictures are based. This series of painting originates from photographs of exhibitions and works of art (installation views). It is the type of image used in magazines and catalogues as well as on ...

12. Per Mårtensson info
(Publikation(pages) DeltagarInfo/Konstnärsinfo - English)
... (#12), 2004 oil/linen Paintings based on the flooring of gymnasiums presented alongside paintings of art venues (galleries and museums) The small painting is based on a photograph from the actual g...

13. Iwo Myrin
(Publikation(pages) DeltagarInfo/Konstnärsinfo - English)
...llation at Mittuniversitetet i Sundsvall, Sweden. Besides and sometimes in conjunction with the visual art, Myrin also works with electronic music. He is a part of the experimental performance rock gr...

14. Nina Toft
(Publikation(pages) Deltagare/Deltagande konstnärer - English)
...he relations between the photographer, the photographed and the monument, and myself as I make myself part of their photographic memory of the Edinburgh Castle. I perceive it as an interesting factor ...

15. Nina Toft info
(Publikation(pages) DeltagarInfo/Konstnärsinfo - English)
My artistic practise is based within the photographic medium, by means of still images (analogue and digital), digital video, web as well as exploring other media and collaborative practises. A lot

16. Liselott Johansson
(Publikation(pages) Deltagare/Deltagande konstnärer - English)
... in its character. Search words: installation, drawing, man, men, investigation, Liselott Johansson, art, photograph, look, research, king About Liselott Johansson Download What is a man? Screen...

17. Eva Lotta Damstedt
(Publikation(pages) Deltagare/Deltagande konstnärer - English)
Jag arbetar med framför allt med svartvit-fotografi, ofta med större filmformat, 6x6 och 9x12 film. Försöker skala av och förenkla så mycket som möjligt.

18. Eva Lotta Damstedt
(Publikation(pages) DeltagarInfo/Konstnärsinfo - English)
...raphy at the University of Gothenburg I have been working as an forensic photographer at the police departments in Gothenburg and Stockholm and as a highschool teacher. Most of my pictures have a grap...

19. Ellika Sjöstrand
(Publikation(pages) Deltagare/Deltagande konstnärer - English)
...rspective of the video is the one of the outsiders, the feeling of not belonging or not being able to participate in the events outside the immediate private sphere. Isolation as a comfort but at the ...

20. Ellika Sjöstrand info
(Publikation(pages) DeltagarInfo/Konstnärsinfo - English)
...and works with New Media and video, both as installations and as experimental short movies. MA in fine arts at the University in Helsinki 2002. Lives and works in Stockholm. Images: Eilert Tjelvar Ke...

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