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1. Kirsten Forkert and Patrik Aarnivaara
(Konst & utrymme/Konst & utrymme - English)
...ut Patrik Aarnivaara PROFESSIONALIZING THE ROMANTIC, OR, LEARNING TO BEHAVE LIKE AN ARTIST Today Stockholm's newest art fair is straight forwardly called “Market”. ...

2. book x 3
(Bok x 3/bok x 3 - English)
...wo parties. We also wanted to explore how a collaboration during a longer time span would turn out. Three artists were invited and they in turn choose a collaborator each. One year later the material ...

3. Viktor Kopp and Niklas Söderberg
(Bok x 3/bok x 3 - English)
The violet book HÄR is a collaboration between Viktor Kopp and Niklas Söderberg, artist respective poet, living in Malmö. Söderberg and Koop have compiled old works and worked

4. Lisa Jeannin and Rolf Schuurmans
(Bok x 3/bok x 3 - English)
The green book GGG&G is a collaboration between Lisa Jeannin and Rolf Schuurmans, artists, living in Antwerp. GGG&G is a picture book with stills, photos and some drawings from the film G

5. Susann Rönnertz and Charlotte Walentin
(Bok x 3/bok x 3 - English)
The black book linjelagren is a collaboration between Charlotte Walentin and Susann Rönnertz, artists, living in Malmö. Two pictorial suites that is different in their approach and co

6. Magnus Ottertun and Cecilia Sterner
(Konst & utrymme/Konst & utrymme - English)
...gional Invecklingsledning 2,7 Mb Cecilia Sterner and Magnus Ottertun worked during the spring of 2007 as artists within Skiss Skåne (link in swedish) at the Regional Development division (link in swe...

7. Unni Gjertsen
(Konst & utrymme/Konst & utrymme - English)
...Horizon Tour Workshop 6/9 - 1/11 2002 Reflecting on integration in Malmö Concept/realisation: Visual artist Unni Gjertsen Participants: Department for strategic development City of Malmö Be...

8. Art and space within visionary ventures
(Konst & utrymme/Konst & utrymme - English)
 Among the artists were some who are or were connected with SKISS (contemporary artists in contemporary community) and KIIN (creative idea consult in trade and industry). What happens from the

9. Art and space
(Konst & utrymme/Konst & utrymme - English)
... Art and space is a series of interviews, publications and articles that reflect artists’ outside art intuitions. Art and space within visionary ventures Art and space – org...

10. Publ. Up 2
(Publikation(pages)/Publikation(pages) - English)
...p 2 at rum46 in Århus 3 december 2005 arranged by publishing house * [asterisk]. Small publishing houses, artists and other publishers presented and sold their books and works. See the list below. ...

11. Iwo Myrin
(Publikation(pages) DeltagarInfo/Konstnärsinfo - English)
...öteborg 2001 CV Iwo Myrin born 1964 Education 1994-99 MFA, Akademy of Fine Arts, Umeå University Artist in Residence 2000 AiR, IASPIS, Stockholm 2003 AiR, NIFCA, Riga, Latvia Solo Shows, las...

12. Nina Toft
(Publikation(pages) Deltagare/Deltagande konstnärer - English)
...s built in 1887 in order to make the castle more picturesque from that angle). Search words: Nina Toft, artist, photographer, photography, representation, portraiture, tourism, memory, recollection...

13. Nina Toft info
(Publikation(pages) DeltagarInfo/Konstnärsinfo - English)
My artistic practise is based within the photographic medium, by means of still images (analogue and digital), digital video, web as well as exploring other media and collaborative practises. A lot

14. Fredrik Gunve
(Publikation(pages) Deltagare/Deltagande konstnärer - English)
...ter. The installation creates a conclusion, but also a beginning, a trampoline for my new situation as an artist. Runt Allting part 1 contains as many experiences as possibly. Everything from my siste...

15. Bengt Jahnsson-Wennberg
(Publikation(pages) Deltagare/Deltagande konstnärer - English)
Stellan´s Story Some years ago Stellan Schedin, a visual artist living in Umeå, told me a story from when he grew up in Piteå in the northern part of Sweden. It was about a friend of him who climb

16. Maria Sundström
(Publikation(pages) Deltagare/Deltagande konstnärer - English)
...many, is maybe impossible. But together with Elisabet Blomberg has Sundström the intention that with artistic and journalistic method search both knowledge and sense for the awful. Once more this...

17. Maria Sundström info
(Publikation(pages) DeltagarInfo/Konstnärsinfo - English)
...ds, State Gallery Kaliningrad, Russia and Frauen Museum Wiesbaden, Germany. Sundström is engaged in artistic trade union work in; The Arts’ Grants Committee since 2001; has been President of The...

18. Lena Séraphin
(Publikation(pages) Deltagare/Deltagande konstnärer - English)
...should he be spotted. Lena Séraphins large scale posters are like filmstills from thrillers. The Finnish artist captures situations when people want to hide for a split second. People that are on t...

19. Petter Lawenius info
(Publikation(pages) DeltagarInfo/Konstnärsinfo - English)
Petter Lawenius is an artist who works with photography, drawings and film, he also likes to draw comics. Images: 1. The Flying Island 2. Autumn Storm 3. The Norns 4. The Fool 5. The Man in th

20. Runo Lagomarsino info
(Publikation(pages) DeltagarInfo/Konstnärsinfo - English)
My artistic practice has during a long time focused on how today’s political and social environment has developed through different historical processes, how this creates metaphors and pictures from

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