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1. Amalia Årfelt
(Publikation(pages) Deltagare/Deltagande konstnärer - English)
Search words: colours, oil colour, bright colours, animals, duvor, cat, pig, concrete, birds, owls, bull, polyester, rat About Amalia Årfelt Download Screen version 1 Mb Print versio

2. Maria Sundström
(Publikation(pages) Deltagare/Deltagande konstnärer - English)
...... Page 4. Vom Himmel. On one wall breaths the sky blue and white, a piece of cloth soar like mislead birds, but now and then smoke flows over the picture. And the cloth take little by little a dar...

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...tad Artificial artist beans bear beat Belinda Olsson Bengt Jahnsson-Wennberg Berlin birds Bizarre dreams blank/emty blue BokorHill book edge Border Border crossing ...

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