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Nina Toft

’Vista I; relation’
Tourism that is concerned with visually consuming the physical and built environment and it’s inhabitants is likely to be preoccupied with remaking this as objects to endless reproductions of this gaze. Places are chosen to be gazed upon because there is a certain anticipation that can have been constructed through photographs, TV, newspapers, magazines, films, advertisements or other medium. The gaze is constructed through these signs or markers and one could say that tourism involves the collection of such signs. “Vista I: relation” is a typological series of photographs where I have positioned myself within the picture frame when tourists photograph themselves in front of the Edinburgh Castle; the most popular tourist attraction in Scotland with more than 1 mill visitors each year. I am interested in the relations between the photographer, the photographed and the monument, and myself as I make myself part of their photographic memory of the Edinburgh Castle. I perceive it as an interesting factor that we position ourselves with our back to the monument/ attraction / landscape we come to see in order to be photographed. I regard the Edinburgh Castle as a particularly interesting study as many tourists arrive to the esplanade only to photograph themselves in front of the facade in front of the entrance (that was built in 1887 in order to make the castle more picturesque from that angle).

Search words: Nina Toft, artist, photographer, photography, representation, portraiture, tourism, memory, recollection, typology, Edinburgh Castle, monument, relation, the photographed 

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’Vista I; relation’
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