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In creating my work, I form a collection of related objects / images, fashioned from fabricated components, found material, and natural ingredients.
The individual components function as a clause or conjunction within a complex sentence, stanzas or lyrics within a song. Within my work, I prefer to evoke evasive layers of mood and abstraction that occupy  brief intervals between idea and perception. I attempt to generate abstraction relating the precarious transitions between signifier and signified, the word and the 'thing,' experience and narrative, idea and object.

1.       ,, 2002, installation, approx. 32 x 20 x 18 ft. space
*This installation consists of free-floating clear helium balloons in the shape of thought bubbles, video projection depicting shadows of rain, a fish tank on a wood bench.

2. ?, 2002, Plastic, Fish hooks, Sand, Filter, Water, Wood, Lamp, a Live Fish, 41 x 72 x 30”
*A plastic fish tank containing half transparent fishing floats and one gray guppy.
The fish tank sits on the unfinished wood bench illuminated by a small picture lamp built into the bench, which functions as a viewing / rest area.

3. Terrain, 2003, installation, approx. 15 x 26 ft. space
*This installation consists of several shattered windshields scavenged from wrecked automobiles, which are transformed into a series of model-scale vignettes reminiscent of mountainous terrain; the installation also includes a digital motion image that features the view from Thomas Cole's Romantic landscape "The Oxbow," its image contained and inverted within a series of raindrops.

4. Thunderbird, MT, 2003, Found Glass, Painted Steel, 64 x 29 x 9” (detail: in the foreground)
    Sonoma, CA, 2003, Found Glass, Painted Steel, 51 x 28 x 9” (in the background)
*These shattered windshields are scavenged from wrecked automobiles, then molded into a form inspired by several different landscapes in United States.






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