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Galleri Rostrum is an artist driven project with a gallery for contemporary art as central activity. Ten exhibitions of three weeks each are shown annually, of which eight are with invited artists and two with Rostrum´s artist members. There are also eight Art After Work events and a window exhibition during the summer period.

The exhibitions are all of high standards, show a complementary range of expression and rise a very positive response in audience and media. The goal of the gallery is to show an interesting mixture of both younger as well as more established artists. The exhibiting artists come from the whole of Sweden, the rest of Europe and also Canada.

Artist-2-Artist is an exchange project between Rostrum and international artist groups. The exchange is of an experimental and social character and has brought out exhibitions, workshops and performance. Rostrum has in this context visited Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam.

Rostrum started back in 1985 and has since then been run by 25 artists. The activity changes and is renewed dynamically depending on who is active when. Formally is Rostrum an ideally run organisation, where things are run unpaid in a board and different work groups. All the members are responsible for the exhibitions and share keeping the gallery open. 

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