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From bookrelease at Malmö Konsthall april 9, 2008.

The starting point for book x 3 is how the book as a medium could function as a foundation for a dialogue between two parties. We also wanted to explore how a collaboration during a longer time span would turn out. Three artists were invited and they in turn choose a collaborator each. One year later the material for a book was to be finished.

The prerequisites included firstly that the inserts were printed with our equipment. Secondly all three were to be the same format in page number and paper, so that they could later be sent to be bound as one book instead of three. And thirdly the three books were to have different colours on the cover, front and endpaper and of course three different embossed printings on their backs. Three books in the same format but with different appearances and content.


by Lisa Jeannin and Rolf Schuurmans

by Viktor Kopp and Niklas Söderberg

• linjelagren •
by Charlotte Walentin andSusann Rönnertz 

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