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Lisa Jeannin


My name is Lisa Jeannin and I am an artist working with drawing, animation, installations and sometimes performances. I often depart or return to drawing as a language to explain what I am doing.
Often I start on one paper and continue on the next,putting them together to build unlinear and assymetrical stories..(see examples) But these drawings are singular ones.

Searchwords: drawing, State of mind/, Kung fu, Film, Animation, Frida Kahlo, Lisa Jeannin, Turtle, Story

About Lisa Jeannin

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Page 1. Janne rest in peace”
Funeral of a turtle, drawing 2004

Page 2. ”Dejan is showing his tattoo”
drawing of Dejan and Dejan 2004

Page 3. dr Calamares”
drawing of a naive elephant and not so naive octopus in the rain, 2003

Page 4. ”come”
teleported because of sentimentality back to a state of mind, drawing 2004

Page 5. ”kung fu”
drawing inspired by the movie ”claws of steal”, 2003

Page 6. ”power”
drawing of a teenager making an action, 2003

Page 7. ”I am showing Frida Kahlo the exhebition ”dom bortbjudna” at Rooseum”
the works of Per Wizén were vandalised by nazis, drawing 2003

Page 8. ”landscape”
drawing 2003

Page 9. ”can you be in my film?”
first drawing of series of drawings for a future animation-musical-project called ”crossroads”, 2004



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