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My work is project related and extends during a longer or shorter period of time. My interest lies within different kinds of  boundaries, both physical and mental.
Architectural illustrations become the background for my latest project,  a reflection of society´s view upon not yet existing spaces and their utopic presentation.
How does a community survive once it has broken out from its utopic illustrations?

My previous projects have been dealing with "controll space", an area or space that some how is affected by an alien outside force and is changing and adapting to this force to be able to compete or survive. It expands to adapt to the needs of
"controll space". The outskirts of cities are surrounded by such undeveloped spaces but potential ground.
Other places/spaces I am using for my projects are tourist sites. These spaces play with the border between reality and fiction. Their importance and order of precedence are thought to be interpreted by the ”visiting consumer”. The belive for the genuine experience is often stronger than the fact that some big coorporation is earning big money on ones hunt for that unique experience they so skillfully have manufactured.
I am also interested in how people behave/act in these spaces/environments and what information these places generates and how they are being presented.

Most of my work is lensbased. I also use other mediums such as painting and installation. The presentation techniques vary and are often a dialogue between the exhibition space and my work.

Catrin Andersson 2004

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