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Camilla Carlsson

Related Work

My contribution to Publikation(pages) is called Related Work. It consists of 10 pages where I connect my earlier work with a work still in project. They are all work concerning issues of habitat and portability. I have used the technique of photography, collage, drawing, watercolour and mixed media.

Searchwords: installation, dwelling, living situation, home, house, interior, photography, temporary tokyo, Another room but Einarís, luggage, Einar Hylander, Elis Sinistö, Sauna, Tokyo, lodger, moveable, portable, flexible, re-used material, recycled, handicraft, invested time, Sightseeing, Elis Sinistöís, Villa, Juice, non-architects, art, relation, identity, everyday life, IASPIS

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Related Work
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