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Zsuzsanna Gilice


I finished my studies at the academy of Academy of Fine Arts of Valand in Gothenburg 2003. The last five years or so, I have been working with large pencil drawings. I have used a lot of text fragments in the drawings. The text parts remind of diary writings, but I am also interested in the Swedish language. I make drawings that are completely covered with pencil. I put some motives with thin pencil lines in the grey pencil thickness, and then I draw around the motives. Almost endless grey colours arise, and it becomes difficult to discover the subtle motives at a first glance. In my latest work, I have chosen to use text in a made up form, and that for instance there is a figure in the drawing that is reading a kind of coded text. My reason for this, is that I want to withdraw from that the viewer expects that he or she is close to my thoughts (because text is considered to be understandable).

Searchwords: pencil, drawing, made up text, book edge

Drawings by Zsuzsanna Gilice
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Page 1. Text swedish.

Page 2. Text swedish.

Page 3: The onlooker may discern a figure, which is reading in a book, with made up text on its pages. The titel under progress is “Guard”. That is the area you would find in an open book, that looks like a ditch. It has no symbolic meaning, but a function of connecting the past with the present and the future.

Page 4: Close up from image 1.

Page 5: Pencil drawing, 280 x 240 cm. 2004
Enlargement of an open book, like the one from image 1. I want the viewer to be put bodily in front of the text volume. I often work in a large scale with pencil drawings, because I would like to be taken away for a second, from reality.

Sid 6: To make it easy to find different, text image.

Sid 7: Close up from image 6.
The made up text consists of lines/rows of different grey nuances. The viewer should be able to contemplate the made up sentences, but without being able to understand them literally. The different grey chapters that are formed in the drawing, look like dark and light variations, as when you read your own inner story. Maybe I am searching for the spaciousity within language.

Sid 8: Pencil drawing. Approximately 215 x 145 cm. 2004
Once again the motive is a figure who is reading. The edge of the book is coloured. I have not used colour, except grey, in recent years. I felt like using colour as a functional detail. Yo make it easy to find different chapters in a book, the edge of the book can be coloured. The edge of a book is an area that is the actual ending cut of the reading. But the reading may continue, if possible, in the person reading. I made up a little story about reading. Your eyes see through the tears (eye liquid) and are protected by the liquid. The liquid makes the light (from your thoughts, your eyes and from light of the light) refract, and a spectrum is visible. You notice this spectrum on the edge of the book in the drawing. If you read/think about the present as grey, I wish that in the memory and for the future, you can imagine the colours of grey.

Sid 9: Close up from image 8.







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