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My artistic practice has during a long time focused on how today’s political and social environment has developed through different historical processes, how this creates metaphors and pictures from which we read history and society. In different ways I analyse and discuss the connections between modernism through colonialism and how this connects to today’s geopolitics. An example could be the debate concerning where the line between a European and non-European is to be drawn, not only in terms of geography but also in terms of culture.

My work critizies a Eurocentric structure and the rules and measurements that holds it together. During the last years, especially after the Schengen agreement, the external borders of Europe are getting increasingly difficult to pass. In the theoretical aspect of “fortress europa”  the idea of a European identity has been crucial. This discourse connected the identity to the enlightenment, Christianity and renaissance but it also demanded a counterpart, the “non European”, the “non white” and the “clandestine”.

Combining metaphorical and abstract elements within a political subject is a way of keeping the political discourse vivid alongside a visual strength. I also see this abstraction as a position of my work being ambivalent which I find important.



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