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Lena Séraphin

I Cant Remember Why I’m Here (waiting for the next move)

Are they terrorists waiting to kidnap the daughter of some billionare?
Flash Art, 2001

He was hidden behind a marblepilar and was watching the nearby staircase. By no means should he be spotted. Lena Séraphins large scale posters are like filmstills from thrillers. The Finnish artist captures situations when people want to hide for a split second. People that are on the run, from others but maybe also from themselves. The motive remains open.
Münchner kultur, 2002

When image becomes transmission

I Cant Remember Why I’m Here (waiting for the next move) is an on-going series of life-size photographic work. The series begun in 2000 is printed to fit into each location by measure and is installed on the wall by gluing. Posters are approximately 220 cm x 160cm.
The singular models have multiple roles. They impose a sense of control and get close to being agents monitoring a target. But, the images also convey a loss of orientation and an ambiguous presence. The intention span cut next to nothing expose a moment, literally a split second, without direction or control.

Exposed on walls in spaces determined for entrances and exits the series interferes with public space. The posters are inconclusive and dispersed by loops, in each exhibition venue a new piece is photographed and a shift between fiction, documentary and art work is released. The perception of the work is close to visual orientation in cityspace as the series is installed without being centre staged and is seen with a more peripheral vision, being passed by in hallways and staircases by viewers in motion.

Each photograph shows a singular person in natural size, carrying negotiable roles for either exposure or closure.The person is controlling space and simultaneously hiding from a forthcoming contact. Each scene is staged in public spaces turning architecture into set design. Photographed in locations as La Tourette in Arbresle, designed by Le Corbusier in 1960, the Alexanderplatz underground station in Berlin constructed between1950-70, The Round House by Kaija and Heikki Sirén in Helsinki from 1968 and Kiasma in Helsinki, designed by Steven Holl in 1993. The addition of a large scale photograph based on architecture to the exhibition venue gives a quality of trompe l´oieul.

Searchwords: filmstill, thriller, architecture, cityspace

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I Cant Remember Why I’m Here (waiting for the next move)
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