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Karin Solberg


In Ellen I have worked with a story which combines past and present. Time changes the surroundings so that what once happened can no longer be verified. Places are given other functions; unromantic ruins are left, factories
appear where the playgrounds were. Time sweeps away all traces and it is interesting that, as a result of this, history is given other meaning and other significance.

What does it mean that memories of places change and disintegrate? Can we then assume that this has happened? Our image of the world and who we are
has changed and we can never remain the same. But does it suggest that the events may be explained or does life just go on? Those of us who have experienced can remember, but those of us who have not been part of it, hardly give it a thought. The past is enveloped in oblivion, mystique and is seen as impersonal and remote. Yet history is part of our identity and governs the choices we make in life.

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