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Charlotte Walentin

Filmdrawings, 2004
Each drawing corresponds to a movie, which I have made a drawing of while its running. The lines are often not more than a beginning or a dot, since the picture is continuously changing. I have focused on drawing what I have percieved at the time, and not what I remembered from the instant before.
I have chosen films that, for some reason or other, seems to be fun to make a drawing of. They are all films I have never seen before or films I saw a very long time ago. The title and running time of the film is placed below the drawing (which is also the ”running time” of the drawing). The drawings are made by a thin felt-tip pen on a 42 x 60 cm. drawing-block, which is approximately the size of my television. I have chosen the pictures for pages from a larger sequence of drawings.

Searchwords: 5 easy pieces, Dark water, Film, Format , In the cut, Infernal affairs , King Kong , Lost in translation,, Peeping Tom , realtime, staccato, drawing
Tintin and the lake of sharks, title + running time, TV-screen, apprehension

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Filmdrawings, 2004
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