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Charlotte Koopman

10 drawings
These are ten drawings made in 2004/2005. They are all quitesmall, not bigger than A3-format.

Search words: Charlotte Koopman, drawings, mortadella, luchtje, beans, visions, sandwich, cat, fever, goodday 

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10 drawings
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1. Everybody was minding their own mysterious business. Pencil, oil pastel.
2. Quiet bean vision. Oil pastel.
3. Nomi. Oil pastel.
4. Olga. Aquarel, pencil, oil pastel.
5. Fever. Charcoal, pencil and oil pastel.
6. Mortadella. Charcoal, pencil and oil pastel.
7. Ever. Charcoal.
8. Goodday. Oil pastel.
9. Insane crazy. Charcoal.
10. Luchtje. Charcoal and pencil.



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