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Fredrik Gunve

Runt Allting (Round Everything) is a trilogy about humanity, its history and future.

The beginning of Year 2000 me and my brother spent recording a song, titled Runt Allting. Three years later I created, from the lyrics, the first part of Runt Allting.

“We definitely need more round things,
round walls, round housings, round buildings,
round rooms, round gardens, round tables,
round chairs, round beds, round lamps,
round stairs, round cutlery, round plates,
round books, round cars, around everything.”
(Runt Allting, Hit and Run Studios, 2000)

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About Fredric Gunve

Runt Allting (Round Everything) is a trilogy about humanity, its history and future.
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Page 1.
Where humanity comes from.
Runt Allting part 1 is a resume of humanitys history.
The installation contains a large part of my personal history. Both art pieces from my time at the art academy and hats from my grandmothers time as a hatter. The installation creates a conclusion, but also a beginning, a trampoline for my new situation as an artist. Runt Allting part 1 contains as many experiences as possibly. Everything from my sister baking cakes, my brother creating sounds during the opening, music, different objects, projection in the roof, drawings, prints, sculptures, plants (Pelargoniums) the audiences movements and so on. I participate in person through a costume with a neurotic pattern as holographic librarian who communicates for the objects.

Page 2.
How humanity will leave.
Runt Allting part 2 is a teleporter for interstellar communication. A toll for traveling with help of sound, pictures and talk creates a room on its way to some other place.

Page 3.
Where humanity is heading.
Runt Allting part 3 is about were humanity is heading. The installation have now lost all connection with the ground and is floating from the sealing. The piece is in three parts. In one end of the room is a large red and yellow textile sun hanging from the sealing. From the sun and close by is light bulbs hanging. The reflection from the lights creates a star map of the big dipper in the window. The textile sun is also the center for seven satellites of Pelargoniums hanging from the sealing along the room.

Page 3.
Me in the costume in different artistic situations.

Page 4.
A exhibition with Pelargoniums, soil, office, mobile garden and me in a red costume with butterfly pattern telling storys about Pelargoniums and life. Some of the Pelargoniums are connected with bridges in paper which are painted to look like red marble. In one end of the room a office desk and a office chair is placed. I am both the butterfly that flies from plant to plant as a gardener and the receptionist in the organic office.

Page 5-8
Photography from the Blue Room. Part of ongoing work “Unheimlich Göteborg”, based on H.P. Lovecrafts texts.

Page 9-10
Drawing on paper. Part of ongoing work “Unheimlich Göteborg”, based on H.P. Lovecrafts texts.








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