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21. Björn Hellström
(Publikation(pages) Deltagare/Deltagande konstnärer - English)
Cambodian Rocks Bokor Hill Mountain & Angkor Wat temple complex. En punktinsats i ett formstarkt Kambodia. Search words: Former, Bokor Hill, fotografi, Kambodia,  rocks, shapes, mushroom, p

22. Amalia Årfelt
(Publikation(pages) Deltagare/Deltagande konstnärer - English)
Search words: colours, oil colour, bright colours, animals, duvor, cat, pig, concrete, birds, owls, bull, polyester, rat About Amalia Årfelt Download Screen version 1 Mb Print versio

23. Fredrik Gunve
(Publikation(pages) Deltagare/Deltagande konstnärer - English)
...loating from the sealing. The piece is in three parts. In one end of the room is a large red and yellow textile sun hanging from the sealing. From the sun and close by is light bulbs hanging. The refl...

24. Fredrik Gunve info
(Publikation(pages) DeltagarInfo/Konstnärsinfo - English)

25. Charlotte Koopman
(Publikation(pages) Deltagare/Deltagande konstnärer - English)
10 drawings These are ten drawings made in 2004/2005. They are all quitesmall, not bigger than A3-format. Search words: Charlotte Koopman, drawings, mortadella, luchtje, beans, visio

26. Maria Sundström
(Publikation(pages) Deltagare/Deltagande konstnärer - English)
...f August 1998. Somebody had reflected and left a sign for me, in this little town near Berlin. Page 6. Text. ...

27. Maria Sundström info
(Publikation(pages) DeltagarInfo/Konstnärsinfo - English)
...mation lies whithin that the marauder has been there and with a certain professional skill cencured the text ”Endast svenskar” on all eight benches. With that have the text raise forward more. The str...

28. Karin Solberg info
(Publikation(pages) DeltagarInfo/Konstnärsinfo - English)
I work principally with photography as material and experiment with the relationship between photo, texts and objects in series of photos and installations. In that way I can influence the exhibition

29. Lena Séraphin info
(Publikation(pages) DeltagarInfo/Konstnärsinfo - English)
... Stiftelsen för visuell konst i Förenta Staterna New York 1999 Verksamhet som kurator 2005 Text,hadnling Muu galleriet och stadsrummei I Helsingfors 2002 Paintings for Finland  Alexa...

30. Mio Olsson info
(Publikation(pages) DeltagarInfo/Konstnärsinfo - English)
...object in wood, foam plastic, metal thread, 4” x 4” x 10”,  object in foamplastic, 4” high, 2004. Text on paper flag saying: senare någon annanstans/ later somewhere else. 5. Detail of instal...

31. John Håkansson
(Publikation(pages) Deltagare/Deltagande konstnärer - English)
Streets in Mukojima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo Nine photographs and a text from Tokyo. The work is about city planning or the absence of that and how you can see this as an asset. View from Mori Tower, Rop

32. Leif Holmstrand
(Publikation(pages) Deltagare/Deltagande konstnärer - English)
...he cultural as well as the biological. My practice utilizes a combination of performance, photography, text, video and sculpture. Searchwords: performance, text, magic, Berlin, crocheting, knitting,...

33. Zsuzsanna Gilice
(Publikation(pages) Deltagare/Deltagande konstnärer - English)
...g 2003. The last five years or so, I have been working with large pencil drawings. I have used a lot of text fragments in the drawings. The text parts remind of diary writings, but I am also intereste...

34. Camilla Carlsson info
(Publikation(pages) DeltagarInfo/Konstnärsinfo - English)
...tion came the idea of how to build a room made of my own clothes: Transforming my old clothes and other textile materials into ’building sticks’ made it possible to create an architectual structure. T...

35. Elisabet Apelmo
(Publikation(pages) Deltagare/Deltagande konstnärer - English) came up. Both of the photos Public rooms come from the work Twenty-one short paragraphs, a series of text-drawings and colour photos. They originates from short paragraphs from the daily paper, and...

36. Publikation(pages)
(Publikation(pages)/Publikation(pages) - English)
...he Internet you have a free download of high-resolution PDF documents, for example drawings, paintings, texts, scripts, storyboards, plans, manuals, art politic, sketches, songs, leaflets, corresponde...

37. background Publikation(1-90…)
(Publikation(1-90...)/Publikation(1-90...) - English)
The starting-point for Publikation(1-90…) is simple journals in small editions like fanzines, texts from art shows, smaller art catalogues, manifests, artist books and manuals within the cultural s

38. Welcome
(Publikation()/Publikation() - English)
...e the article Professionalizing the romantic, or, learning to behave like an artist. It is a discursive text, raising questions about the present situation of art practice and art education in Sweden....

39. Art organizations
(Static Content)
All art organizations that participated at the seminar ”All light on us” were invited to make a publikation. The seminar was arranged by IKK (The institute for Art Workers) in the autumn of 2006

40. Search
(Static Content)
...n ljus llusion lodger look look at Lost in translation Love luchtje luggage made up text magic Malmö Malmö Art Academy Malmö konststudio Malmö Stad...

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